What Are the Entry Fees for College Competitions in Las Vegas, Nevada?

Are you a student at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) and looking to take part in college competitions in Las Vegas, Nevada? If so, you're in luck! UNLV students have access to a secure and unique mobile pass that they can use to register for events. All you need to do is download your event pass from the Participation Center and save it to your mobile wallet or take a screenshot and add it to your favorites. This way, you can quickly and easily sign up for future events. If you're looking for an enjoyable and educational experience, then you should definitely check out the Springs Preserve.

This 180-acre cultural campus offers entertainment, education, and recreation. It's located in the valley's original water source and celebrates the dynamic history of Las Vegas while providing a vision of a sustainable future. The Discovery Children's Museum is another great spot to visit. It's situated at 360 Promenade Place in Las Vegas and is open Tuesday through Saturday starting at 10 in the morning.