The Power of Alumni in Supporting and Promoting College Competitions in Las Vegas, Nevada

Our mission is to provide TRIO alumni with a social and professional support network that promotes community well-being through leadership and. Alumni · Services · Give back 26% Get involved. Not only does alumni participation help universities raise funds, it also benefits alumni by meeting their needs for esteem and belonging. Alumni can help the Western Marketing Program by offering financial support and these funds will help students promote students in one way or another, either directly through scholarships or indirectly through programs and events such as the Meet the Professionals case contest. If you are still at university, being a member of an association, together with your active support and participation in the activities of former students, allows you to apply for many scholarships and tutoring services managed by The Center.

Being a part of the Nevada Bay Area Alumni Section is a great way to stay connected with other Nevada graduates who share similar feelings. We assist alumni living in Southern Nevada in maintaining a connection with the University of Nevada and with each other by providing them with opportunities to network and recruit future alumni. The mission of the alumni chapter of the University of Nevada School of Journalism is to engage alumni in an effort to keep strong ties with each other and with the Reynolds School of Journalism after graduation. Keep up with the chapter on our Bay Area section Facebook page to learn about upcoming events for alumni in the Bay Area. The Veterans Alumni Section is open to former Nevada veterans who have served in the military, including those currently on active duty, members of the National Guard and Reserves, family members of active duty individuals and veterans, and people who support the veteran community.

Join us in creating an ongoing network of honors alumni; mentoring current honors students; planning meaningful and engaging community programming; and supporting Honors College recruitment, promotion, and social participation. Older alumni may consider sustaining and establishing a long-term connection with their alma mater, as their support (whether financial or not) will help shape the future of the institution in the admission process and increase the participation of current marketing students. In addition, the association often rewards members with an outstanding history of contributions with free tickets to professional productions, sporting events and other exciting events that take place in Las Vegas. Strengthen the Pack is devoted to raising funds to help support one of the 25 best nutrition and strength training infrastructures for all athletes at the University of Nevada.