Diversity of Colleges Represented in Las Vegas, Nevada: A Comprehensive Overview

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) is a renowned institution of opportunity that is committed to providing students from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds in higher education with the resources they need to succeed. In the latest edition of the U. S. News & World Report's annual list of the country's most diverse universities, UNLV has moved from second place to a three-way tie for first place in the Best Ethnic Diversity category.

This marks the seventh consecutive year that UNLV has been placed in the top 10. In order to further support its students, UNLV launched The Intersection in spring. Located on the first floor of the Student Union, this comprehensive, multicultural academic center provides access to people, information, and services that can help students, particularly first-generation students and students of color, navigate their academic careers. The Intersection also offers a variety of challenges with high safety scores and other fun activities that can help students, faculty, and staff take charge of their online lives. UNLV has a long history of providing its students with unique opportunities. In 1969, the Board of Regents approved the name University of Nevada, Las Vegas and the abbreviation UNLV.

In 1973, Jerry Tarkanian was hired as a men's basketball coach by the second president of UNLV, Roman Zorn. The Center for Business and Economic Research was established in 1975 to help develop Nevada's economy and assist state and local agencies and private sector companies in collecting and analyzing economic and market data. In 1981, Claes Oldenburg's Flashlight sculpture was installed in the square between the Artemus Ham Hall and the Judy Bayley Theater. In 2002, UNLV opened its School of Dental Medicine to train students and provide low-cost dental care to residents. The following year saw the creation of the Institute for Security Studies to address national security concerns.

In 2004, UNLV opened its first regional campus in Shadow Lane near the University Medical Center. This campus houses the School of Dental Medicine as well as the School of Public Health which was established in the Health Sciences Division to address new and emerging public health problems. UNLV offers more than 350 bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees in various fields which are taught by 850 faculty members. Much of student life at UNLV revolves around its Student Union which houses the offices of its student government and student organizations on its third floor. The mascot of UNLV is based on a story about separating from its literal rival in the north - the University of Nevada (Reno).

As UNLV was once a southern campus of Reno when it became its own university, it was seen as South separating from North. The original central basketball court with the wolf mascot is still in the center of campus today and this story is transmitted to incoming freshman during orientation for first-year students. UNLV has seen many of its former students achieve local and national prominence including many athletes who have excelled at college and professional levels. The five-story Rod Lee Bigelow Health Science Building houses offices, classrooms and laboratories for health physics, nursing, radiological sciences, physical therapy and kinesiology. The glass wall of Robert L. Beam Hall was built in the form of a sine wave while its banners inside represent colors from across the spectrum.

Boyd Law School's facilities include the state's largest law library and Thomas & Mack Moot Court. The School of Dental Medicine is located on Shadow Lane Campus while University Libraries attract academics from all over the world with their comprehensive collection related to gaming history which contains more than one million volumes and 2,500 study spaces. Harter Classroom Building Complex has more classrooms than any other building on campus while Consolidated Students of University Nevada Las Vegas (CSUN) are undergraduate student government. Certified under LeedRating system Hank Greenspun Building was developed in 2002 with purpose to expand university to meet demands of major university in Las Vegas metropolitan area. It is named after Las Vegas Sun founder and publisher Hank Greenspun. UNLV provides an array of opportunities for its students through its diverse range of programs and facilities. From its renowned academic centers such as The Intersection to its state-of-the-art facilities like Rod Lee Bigelow Health Science Building or Robert L.

Beam Hall, UNLV offers an unparalleled learning experience for all its students. The university also provides a wide range of extracurricular activities such as sports teams or student organizations that can help students develop their skills outside their academic studies. With such an array of resources available at UNLV, it is no wonder that it has become one of the most sought-after universities in Las Vegas.